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Kansas Fire Marshal's Office Emergency Response Training. 22-7-10

A.    Each employee involved in fuel transfer into motor vehicles at a retail service station, including attendants and cashier of self-service stations, upon employment and at least annually thereafter shall receive training from a responsible facility representative or industry organization on the proper procedures to be used in case of fire, overfill, or fuel spill situations. Such training shall include information regarding improper transfers of fuels, types of improper and illegal containers, and instruction of the proper use of fire extinguisher.

Documentation of such training shall be maintained and shall be available for inspection upon request by a deputy state fire marshal 

B.   Each establishment or facility involved in fuel transfer into motor vehicles at retail service stations shall have emergency instruction covering fire, overfill or fuel spill procedures posted and readily available in the vicinity of all control consoles or attendant locations. Emergency telephone numbers shall be included on the instructions. The owner or designee of each establishment or facility is responsible for developing and posting the instructions (Authorized by implementing K.S.A. 1991 Supp. 31-133, effective May 10, 1993)

KDHE requires UST fueling facility attendants & cashiers (Class C's) to be trained by a Level A/B operator.

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