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For SIR, DOT Training, Mock Audits & Operator Training Services

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UST Operator Training is FREE if you own or operate USTs in Kansas. 

Training for "A" Operators (persons having primary responsibility for the on site operation and maintenance of USTs) and "B" Operators (persons having daily on-site responsibility for the operation and maintenance of USTs) will be offered in group sessions across the state. Once you've completed one of our training sessions, you will be certified as an A/B operator.

Class "C" Training of staff can be done by a Class A/B Operator on site. The necessary training materials for Class "C" training can be downloaded using the links at the bottom of this page. You may also go to UST Training and to have your staff take their Class "C" training online for only $12.95.

In order for the Kansas Department of Health and Environment to issue a UST tank 
permit, each facility must have a designated A/B operator.
Operator Training certificates  expire four years from the exact date you were last trained.  

free for ust operators or $275 for contractors

NOTICE:   These classes are free to Underground Storage Tank (UST) owners and operator in Kansas.  If you've been hired by a Kansas UST owner as a Contractor for monthly inspections and have no facility id#, you will be charged $275 to attend the class.  Registration is from 8:00-8:50am and class is from 9am-4pm.  To control costs and ensure that classes are filled to capacity, registrants who fail to attend or give 3 days of advance notice will be assessed a $100 fee to re-enroll in future classes.

If you have any questions about Operator Training call (785-233-1414 ext. 308) and ask for Lori.  You can also Click Here to contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions.


A Class C Certificate is required for anybody in the United States who could respond to a spill, alarm or incident at the site of a UST. This class is a simple way to meet the requirement and help prevent accidents, spills, leaks, and ignored alarms.

UST operator training is required nationwide, which is why we want you to be "Tank Saavy." If you complete the training from UST Training, then you are automatically Tank Savvy! Click here to learn more.

Print the forms below for "No Cost" options:

Or get your Class "C" Certificate online for a fee:

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