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Tank Management Services


For SIR, DOT Training, Mock Audits & Operator Training Services

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November 2023 Newsletter

TMS offers the classic programs you have come to love and trust like:

Kansas Classroom AB Operator Training
Statistical Inventory Reconciliation
UST 3rd Party Liability Insurance Kansas Motor Fuel Tax Filing
Tank Talk
The Advisor

AND TMS is offering new programs that will help enhance your bottom line:

DOT Classroom Training (Available now)
DOT Mock Audits (Available now)
HR Assistance at your fingertips (Coming in 2024)
UST/AST compliance program to help you manage compliance and deadlines (Coming in 2024)

DID YOU KNOW: Fuel True offers group health insurance for members through Blue Cross Blue Shield. If interested Contact Judy @ 785-233-9655

MS is taking SIR to all 50 states so you if you own sites around the country or know someone who does, please give us a call to setup an account or spread the word. We appreciate it.

Go to our newly designed (work in progress) website to see the dates for operator training, DOT training and Tank Talks. Please check our website regularly for updates. 

Don't forget the Pace show coming up. 


TMS is NOW recommending that you perform SIR alongside your ATG. The best leak detection is only 99% effective!

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