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18 Jul 2023 6:15 AM | Lori Desch-Ranallo (Administrator)

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) will give UST operating permit extensions for the 2023-2024 permit cycle starting August 1, 2023. The operating permit will be given “Extended” status at the beginning of the new permit cycle (August 1st, 2023) if:

1.     The UST owner has an “In Effect” 2022-2023 permit through the end of July 2023.

2.     The UST owner has submitted all the required permit renewal documents.

3.     The renewal submission has an “In Process” status.

4.     The UST owner has submitted the appropriate fees associated with their facility for the new permit cycle.

Thank you if you have already sent us your renewal application and permitting documents. We ask that if you have already submitted everything for your renewal that you please do not resubmit your renewal documentation, as this slows down our processing efforts. To check to see what has been submitted for your facility, log in to your KEIMS account, select your site by clicking on the blue rectangle in the upper left-hand corner, and click on the “Documents” tab on the left-hand side of your screen. KDHE can see the same documents that you can see. Therefore, if you can see the documentation in KEIMS, that means that KDHE has already received it.

These extensions are being granted due to staffing vacancies at KDHE that have contributed to a backlog of UST permit renewal applications for review and processing. The extension period for each facility will be effective until KDHE staff have reviewed all submitted renewal documentation for that facility and processed your application. During this extension period, each facility with an extended permit would be allowed to continue operations as normal, unless otherwise specified by KDHE. Upon review, KDHE staff will change the status of the “Extended” permit. If all documentation submitted has been deemed acceptable and no further documentation is required, the status of the permit will be changed to “In Effect.” If KDHE has not received all required documentation upon review, the status of the permit will be changed to “Expired.” As soon as a permit is changed to “Expired” status, all operations regarding the underground storage tanks at that facility must cease and no product deliveries can be made to those tanks until a new permit is issued by KDHE. If fuel supplier transporters or account representatives have questions about the status of your site’s permit, they will need your facility ID number and will need to check the status of your permit using the following web site: A permit may stay in “Extended” status if documentation of a work order from a Kansas licensed contractor can be provided that covers all current compliance issues for a given facility.

All compliance documents need to be uploaded into your KEIMS Account per facility. Go to the KEIMS website using the following link: Select your Site, then select “Start a New Form” > “I have a reporting obligation to fulfill.” Find the applicable form and submit. Lastly, confirm your permit fee payments are up to date by clicking on the “Financials” tab in the left-hand menu per facility.

When your permit renewal application has been processed by KDHE, you will be notified of the change in your permit status, as well as any additional documentation that KDHE may need before issuing your 2023-2024 UST permit. Once your permit has been issued, the operating permit certificate will be available the following morning in KEIMS. This can be viewed and printed in the “Documents” tab in KEIMS per facility.

For PDF instructions on how to submit your permit renewal application, click on the following link:

Here is the link to view an instructional video on how to submit your renewal:

If you have any questions about this, you can email us at

Thank you again,

KDHE Preventative Unit Staff

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