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Statistical Inventory Reconciliation (SIR).  SIR applies statistical models to tank inventory.  SIR is the only compliance method that analyzes all components of a tank system.  SIR offers the best monthly compliance on both tanks and lines and also finds aboveground losses caused by meters and deliveries.  Tank Management Services, Inc. uses one of the most respected SIR services available, Simmons Fuel Tank solutions.

SIR is the lowest cost leak detection available. You have no equipment to buy, no down time in operations and there is no installation cost. SIR monitors tanks and attached piping. All you need to do is stick your tank, log in on the web and enter your data on a daily basis, at the end of the month request your tank report. After it is reviewed for leaks, data errors, and short deliveries it will be mailed or emailed  to you, informing you if any of the items above  were found, the report will also contain a long/short report telling you if the tank passed or failed.

SIR is fast and convenient with no large outlay of cash, its an ideal method of showing you on a daily basis what your tanks are doing.

edi - Electronic Data Interchange

Get access to all the Electronic Data Interchange Options, such as Fuel Codes, IRS Forms, instructions.

You can also find a link to connect using FTP to

For more information, please contact Judy at (785) 233-1414.


If you need a 3rd party liability insurance, we can help you in the application process for a Claims-Made Policy for Kansas Underground Storage Tank Liability Plan, offered by Marsh&McLennan. 

In this section you can download the New application form, or the Renewal form if this is what you need.

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